Estate Planning:

It is Karrie Bunting’s goal to make estate planning as easy as possible for her clients. She is different than most lawyers in that she is approachable and not intimidating. She encourages her clients to ask any questions they may have, regardless of whether or not they think it’s a “dumb” question. She educates her clients on what options they have so they feel empowered and knowledgable about their plan. Her favorite compliment from her clients is, “Well, that was easier than I thought!” 

Estate planning is customized for you: if you own property, it usually includes a revocable living trust, a will, durable power of attorney, advanced healthcare directive, HIPAA form, and other planning devices to keep you organized and your family ready in case of emergency or your passing away. 



Probate can be an awful process, mostly because it is so slow and costly when you have just suffered the loss of a loved one. Ms. Bunting can help you navigate the probate process, allowing you to focus on your life. She has worked with both local residents, and has also handled probates for out of town and even out of state clients, with no in person meeting required. Ms. Bunting does not handle litigation. She focuses only on non-litigation probate work…that is to say, she handles matters where the family is harmonious and all are working towards the same outcome: getting the probate finished as quickly as possible.

Karrie Bunting, Attorney at Law does not practice in any area of family law matters (custody, divorce, support, etc.), personal injury, unlawful detainers (evictions), bankruptcy, worker’s comp, or elder law at this time.