The question everyone wants to know, and some are afraid to ask, is this: how much do you charge?

Estate Planning

You can find my Estate Planning fees in my eBook, which you can download for free on any of my estate planning web pages. These fees are for wills, trusts, etc.

Probate Fees

For some probate matters, the statutory fee will be applied and come from the estate when it is settled. For other probate matters, I will estimate the time and bill on a flat fee basis if desired.

Alternatively, I can bill by the hour.

Business Planning Fees

Currently, my Legal Maintenance Plan starts at $4200 per year,  payable in monthly installments of $350, so that you can budget accordingly. This plan includes a 20% discount on any services outside the scope of the Legal Maintenance Plan. To see more details, please visit my Business Services Page.

My Start Right Legal Plan, for new businesses, begins at $1800, payable in monthly installments of $150. This is the minimum, and your final cost will depend upon what exactly your business needs from me. 

Outside General Counsel fees are negotiable and will be agreed upon, for a one year term, payable in monthly installments. This determination will result from a consultation between us to determine the scope of work done and how many hours would be required. My hourly rate will be the basis for this agreement. 

Family Law Fees

I am accepting limited family law clients. (See below) My hourly fee is $250 per hour, with a retainer of $1250 required. (This will get us started, but is in no way a cap on fees. You will likely have to replenish this fee several times before your case is wrapped up, over the course of time.) If it is an emergency situation, my rate will increase to $300 per hour, with a fixed court appearance fee. The increase is due to the scheduling inconvenience that short notice hearings require. 

Alternatively, if you have a default divorce, or a divorce with a written agreement (it doesn’t have to be written yet…but you and your ex agree to the terms of your divorce), I handle those on a flat fee basis. These fees are lower due to the nature of less conflict and the lack of court room time. A default divorce is $950, but does not include filing fees for the court. A default divorce with a settlement agreement is $1550 (without filing fees). This can be paid half when we start, and half when the paperwork is finished. 

LIMITED: I started as a family law attorney, but it is no longer my focus. If you have a matter that needs to be filed in Ridgecrest (because you live in the Kern River Valley), I will consider taking your case.  My availability will depend upon my calendar. If you need default/agreement help, I will help you whether it needs to handled in Ridgecrest or Bakersfield. I am phasing myself out of the Bakersfield Court due to my personal distance from the court.