The question everyone wants to know, and some are afraid to ask, is this: how much do you charge?

Estate Planning

My goal is to reach as many families in Kern County as possible to get them out of probate and avoid the costly and time consuming experience of court. You will find my fees to be more than an online program (I am not a robot) but less than other attorneys/firms in Kern County.

Currently, my Estate Planning fees are as follows:

Trust Administration: $250 per hour

Deed Preparation: $250 (does not include recording fees or notary)

Will Plan (includes all related health forms, durable power of attorney): $1050-1300

Revocable Living Trust Plan (single): $1350*

Revocable Living Trust Plan (married): $1700*

*Fees will increase if your plan requires additional schedules, or highly customized and detailed language. Also, a deed preparation fee will apply if there is more than one real property. 

Probate Fees

For some probate matters, the statutory fee will be applied and come from the estate when it is settled. For other probate matters, I will estimate the time and bill on a flat fee basis if desired.


Family Law Fees

If you have a default divorce, or a divorce with a written agreement (it doesn’t have to be written yet…but you and your ex agree to the terms of your divorce), I handle those on a flat fee basis. These fees are lower due to the nature of less conflict and the lack of court room time. A default divorce is $1800, but does not include filing fees for the court. A default divorce with a settlement agreement is $2550 (without filing fees). This can be paid half when we start, and half when the paperwork is finished. Considering that most contested divorces range in the $5000-$15,000+ EACH, settling your divorce out of court is far and away the most economical, both emotionally and financially, for your family.