Resources and Courses


Here is a link to our resources and forms page! On it, you will find free forms that you can print and fill out. Right now, we have a Power of Attorney form and an Advance Health Care Directive form.

Free forms here!


COMING SOON: legal courses!

Not everyone needs a revocable living trust, and not everyone can afford a lawyer. Over the next few months, I will be releasing easy to understand, engaging, and helpful courses full of video explanations and real examples to walk Californians through the process of filling out a will, a power of attorney, and an advanced healthcare directive.

I will also tackle the “transfer on death deed.”

And, just for California real estate agents, a course on probate basics: do not lose a deal in escrow because a probate issue caught up with you unexpectedly. Why lose thousands of dollars on a hard earned sale when you can learn to spot a probate property a mile away and head off probate pitfalls?

Some courses will be free, and most will be affordable estate planning tools that will give you the form, and the “how to fill it out” information you need.