You run your business with heart, giving it your all. Sometimes having someone on your team to help you with the legal “stuff” that comes up is just the thing you need. Whether you need help with a single document or transaction, or you would like an attorney on your team so that you can focus on what you do best, this is the place to start.

Outside General Counsel Services:

Many big corporations have the luxury and budget to hire a full time attorney as part of their staff. This attorney knows the business inside and out, attends board meetings, reviews documents, and handles preventative issues: they keep your business legally sound. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, right?

I offer several different levels of “outside” in-house counsel. For a year at a time, you can hire me to be your lawyer who is only a phone call away. I will know your business as well as I know my own. You will have business documents drafted for you. I can keep you legally sound so that you can focus on creating and running your business. You will pay a monthly fee so that your business can easily budget for the year.

This service is highly customizable, depending on your company’s needs. This is the ideal for those companies who would like to have an attorney on staff on a part time basis. This level of service includes a monthly one hour meeting at your office and at your convenience, unlimited phone calls for questions, document preparation, attorney attendance at board meetings, etc. In order to determine pricing, we will chat together about your goals and your needs. We will estimate how many hours of service you may need and work from there. Whatever we agree upon, the agreement will be based on the average monthly use for a 12 month term. This allows your business to budget accordingly.

The Start Right Plan: 

This plan is for those just starting out in business, or those who are growing their business. Payments for this plan will be spread out over the course of a 12 month period, so that you, as a start up, can get off on the right foot without having to pay the entire cost at once. We will work together to get your business off on the right foot, whether that is getting all your formation documents together, creating an employee handbook, or interacting with local agencies to get the proper permits. We will consult together for an hour and decide upon a customized service plan that is right for you. This plan starts at $1200 and can be added to, depending upon which documents you want help with.

The Legal Maintenance Plan:

This plan is for those businesses that are fairly stable and established. This plan will allow us to work together to keep you on the right path. Services include:

Our agreement will be for the term of one year, available to be renewed or cancelled after that 12 month term. Payments will be made monthly, so that you can plan and budget accordingly. A 20% discount will be applied to my hourly rate for extra services not covered by this agreement. This plan starts at $4200 per year, broken down into monthly payments of $350.

Business Document Drafting:

Perhaps you don’t feel the need for an attorney on your team, but you do recognize that you need a contract written or reviewed. Or, you need a trademark registered. Purchase agreements, buy-sell agreements, statements of information, employee handbooks, partnership, LLC, or Corporation formation…these are just some of the many services you may need a lawyer for.

These are flat fee services so you can budget accordingly. My hourly rate is $250. You may hire me on an as needed basis, and I will quote you either a flat rate or an hourly rate, depending on the scope of work and your preferences.