About Me

A little about me:

Let me share a quick bio and resume of sorts so you can get to know me better.

I have a B.A. in Child Development from California State University, Bakersfield. I graduated in 2000. That’s also the year I got married to my husband, Ryan, who is a CHP officer. I have a teaching credential from CSUB, and I used to teach elementary and junior high school for a few years before I had children. I stayed home with our kids and when they were nearing the time they would go to school and I would be bored at home, I enrolled in law school. I graduated from Northwestern California University School of Law in the Spring of 2015.

I was a member of our local school board for 8 years, and still enjoy coaching junior high girls’ basketball.

I enjoy hiking, the outdoors, and eating peanut butter. I am easily amused. My husband and I built our own house in the outskirts of the Kern Valley while we lived in an RV.  (It took 7 years. I suppose I am patient.) If you want to spy on me via the internet, I am easy to find on Instagram (it’s my personal account: karriebunting), or on Facebook. I am a big fan of doing research before making decisions, so feel free. If you decide I’m not a good fit for you, that’s fine. After all, we would be spending time together to fix your legal needs. You need to be able to feel comfortable around me.

Why estate planning?

My simplest answer is that I have seen first hand the pitfalls of not planning your estate. I have also seen the easy and seamless transition when families do take the time to make a plan. I take a limited number of probate cases, and being in probate court and seeing how LONG it takes to get anything done just makes it that much clearer to me that we all need a plan in place, and if we can keep our family out of court by planning now, the better off they will be.