FAQ #1: How much does an estate plan cost?

Frequently Asked Question:

How much will an Estate Plan cost?

Answer: That depends on what you need. I don’t hide my fees…you can find them under the “services” tab on my Facebook page, or under my “fees” page on this website. A full estate plan in California should typically cost you anywhere between $2500-$3500+ to be completed by an attorney. Of course, this fee isn’t just for the printed words on paper. This fee should include access to your attorney for all your questions, a productive initial meeting where not only is important information gathered, but also your attorney gets to know you and your family situation, AND you should leave this meeting feeling confident with your choices and moving forward. You should leave knowing there will be no hidden fees or surprises later. Your situation might be a little different than most and it may cost you slightly less or slightly more. No matter what it costs you, it will be far less than the average cost of probate for your family later. You could be saving your family thousands of dollars and years spent in court by planning ahead.

If you fail to plan and your estate ends up in probate, the current minimum attorney and executor/administrator fee is $6535…each. Add to that the costs of the court? It can easily add up to well over $14,000.00.